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What Are We Really Chasing After?

Throughout my growing up years, my father has always been the anchor in our family. He was always the go to person for any advice He seems to have it all together. He had 2 Harley Davidson bikes that the customisation cost more than the bikes themselves, and he had a few nice cars too.

At the peak of his business, he seems to have it all together. Despite that, he always never seem to be happy.

I would often see him come home drunk and in a bad temper. And I often wonder if he really did become successful. 

Many years later, I find myself wanting to live the good life that my dad once had. I wanted a multi-million dollar home, a nice car etc. However, I then realise it still did not satisfy me. It was there and then that a new revelation hit me.

Why did I set all these things as my goals in life?

I wanted to become a millionaire entrepreneur because I wanted the feeling that my Dad approved and was proud of me.
I wanted to have a nice car because I felt that would make me feel accomplished.
I want a nice house for the same reason.

However, after going through all the trails and challenges to get there, I realise that my emotions only lasted for awhile and I was back to chasing the next goal.

It was then that I realised what I wanted was not those things but the emotions and feelings I think those things could give me. Feelings of being loved, validated and accomplished. We want more money so that it gives us the feelings of security, accomplishment or even power.

However, it is an illusion that these things would satisfy us. You will realise that the emotions we get from these things are actually fleeting. Can we actually achieve or nurture these emotions within us whether we get these things or not?

Can we nurture ourselves to feel secure, to feel loved, to feel accomplished. Can we trust God to feel secure, to feel loved, to feel accomplished? Can we serve others to make them feel loved and accomplished?