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The Revealing Truth On Why Are You Always Not Happy

From my life experience and interviewing many people who seem to be having it all, I discovered these gems

1. Whatever objection or challenges you are facing now, it's happening for you!

All the heartaches, breakups, breakdowns, messed up and every other challenges you faced in the past, present and future are actually guiding you towards what you want in life, your purpose. Only as you see this can you truly start feeling that your life matters and you're actually moving towards your purpose in life.

Stop asking yourself "Why Did This Happen To Me?" and instead ask "What's The Lesson Here FOR ME!",  you'll start to move closer towards your purpose quickly. You will feel more fulfilled and happy.

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds:
Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and
you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.
Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and
you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”

2. You don't have to sacrifice happiness, family, health, finances to pursue your purpose

Many people think that in order to pursue their purpose, it will cost them financial or time sacrifices away from their loved ones. That is simply not true.  This is a common mistake people make when they start to want to pursue their purpose because the only way you can reference why you feel this way is from your past experiences. And if you have tried and it did not work out or you feel stuck and because of that, you arrive at this current conclusion, I want you to consider the next

3. Taking real action towards your purpose and fail does not mean it's not within your control

On the contrary, when you feel that it's caused by things outside of your control, you're giving away your power away and it disempowers you.
This is a dangerous illusion. The reason is to consider asking yourself this? Were you busy for the sake of being busy or were you making real measurable progress? Because...

4. Doing lots of work and acting busy does not equate to progress towards your purpose or goals

The truth is many of us are busy all the time without really accomplishing anything because how most of us people ourselves busy is to just keep doing the same thing over and over again. We keep repeating the same pattern because it feels safe and does require us to change or courage.

We view change as pain but we fail to realise that the only constant in life is "change" and progress means "change". 

This is the REAL KICKER why most of us feel like we are doing a lot yet we're not moving forward.

5. How to get unstuck or know where to start?

To do that, you have to view challenges and setbacks as feedback FOR YOU to progress. Just like how Dolphin sends out sonar signals first to get feedback so they can know where they are relative to where they want to be.

6. Why hitting your goal or purpose will not give you the magical ultimate happiness

Many people feel like that need a breakthough like it's the FINAL GOAL. They get into this "If Only I Manage to Make a million, If Only I had this girl or guy, My life Would literally be transformed and I would feel eternally happy!" This is so not true because we have all already been through it. We all have had experiences where we finally got what we wanted (sometimes after going through lots of hardship physically and emotionally) only to feel our happiness "short-lived" or get stolen away from us again. And then we're back to chasing the next goal to feel happy meaning life is back to the same cycle.

The Ah Ha moment will not bring you happiness and fulfilment, instead I want you to consider that once you find and know your purpose, abundance will start to follow. Here's why. Your purpose is not some nice idea or fantasy about what your life could be like, your purpose is uniquely to yours and yours only. Consider that everything that Life/God ever created has it purpose, just look around you. Surely you're created for a purpose and that's why God or Life will support you. And because you believe that, you rest in faith the you will be supported and that means no lacking and only abundance.

Like the plants, it does not need to think about when they will get rain, they just trust that abundance of rain and nutrients will be given to them. Trust that we will be supported and most often in ways that we least expected. You can see it if you look back at your life. 

7. Change your approach when things are not working out (Remember to feedback Sonar from the Dophins)

Unhappy people feel that when they go on the wrong course, they feel it is easier to blame themselves instead making changes.
Albert Einstein said it best "Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" 
Happy people actually learn to quickly change and adapt.

8. Get Started even if you're not sure what the right thing is

Just like the Dolphin Sonar, you the action you take connects you and your goal.  You get feedback to know if you're in the right direction. Many people give the excuse that they don't know where to begin when actually they are saying that they are afraid to begin.

You don't have to have or know everything because successful people know that they as long as they take action, God or Life will always answer back with feedback that will guide them closer by just starting from where they are with what they have. They don't worry about where is there a right place to start because there is no perfect place to start. They simple just focus on doing the next thing in front of them, monitoring the feedback and trusting each step will unfold in perfect time and order. That's why you can now overcome the fear of starting in an imperfect place.

9. Every Goal / Purpose or "Ah Ha" Achieved is only a starting point to do the real work

Discovering what you need to do next is only the beginning and they support it with their thoughts and actions to keep the momentum going.  Tony Robbins once said "Never leave the scene of breakthrough without making a committed decision first so be kind to yourself and embrace every feedback, learn from it, you grow and move closer to your purpose.