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So How Is This Training Different


First off, we would like to say this is not a typical training where at the end, you are being sold a 3 day course and hope that you will make money. On the contrary, there is no course to buy at all. If you are looking for a pitch fest, you can go to those so called "gurus" class who will sell you a dream that you will make 5 to 6 figures if you sign up for their courses. 

We are sorry to disappoint you that at WeGlobal, we do not offer such courses. However, what we do offer you is an opportunity of a lifetime to learn how to honestly and ethically build a profitable online business globally that can eventually run passively so you can spend meaningful time with your family and loved ones

At WeGlobal, we do that by first assessing your skill level, we set realistic expectations, then assign you a coach and proven mentor, you will also be able to attend our master trainer's class who has already proven to generated over tens of million online

Most of us at WeGlobal do not make a single dime in the beginning, we only get paid handsomely when you succeed instead of paying those gurus thousands of dollars upfront. That's why we can proudly say, we are do not make promises like those gurus, we care about you achieving results only.

Here's what you will Discover at your First eCommerce Millionaire Apprentice Class:

  • How a simple perspective change can unlock your mind to see opportunities that majority of people will never see. In fact, for the first time you will know how to get out of the "money trap".
  • What's will the Future Of ECommerce Evolve into and How can You Position yourself to Profit Wildly from it? (Crowd ECommerce will do to Traditional ECommerce what Smartphones did to Cellphones) 
  • Forget about Google keyword research, we will show you how to know which will be the most profitable market to target online in the next 30 years that Google doesn't want you to know (Stop having to trail and error on what to sell online) 
  • How to explode your online business globally with ZERO Stocks, ZERO logistics, ZERO customer service, ZERO staffs and on a ZERO marketing budget.
  • Why using this unique ECommerce Model, even people in their 60s with ZERO IT skills can still make millions realistically.  
  • and much more...

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What People Are Saying...

Is This Training Right For You?

Your training is not for everybody.

Who is this for

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    If you believe that hard work is required in the beginning to acquire the skills needed to succeed in the long run.
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    If you are willing to be coached or mentored.
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    If you have 40 mins everyday to spare
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    If you have a desire to retire with 5 figure passive income week after week.

Who is this not for

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    If you're looking to get Rich Quick
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    If you keen jumping from seminars to seminars or opportunities to opportunities
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    If you are lazy and not willing to set aside at least 40 mins a day to master the skills
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    If you already have a profitable online business that can scale and can run without you having to monitor


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is there any course Fee Involved?

When Can I Apply for the Apprenticeship?

Is this MLM?

How Fast Can I See Results?

Long story short...

If you're reading this, that means you already know the value of this opportunity. You've seen the effects. Read the results. You know what you'll receive when you decide to turn up for the event.

So. The only question left for you to answer... Is the one you're about to ask yourself:

"Is this worth my time?"

Allow me to help you with that decision... By asking you a simple question in return:

"What is the difference between people who succeed, and people who don't?"

Ans: Successful people KNOW exactly WHEN and WHERE to reach out and grab their golden opportunity!

You see, opportunities are all around us. They do not only present themselves to the privileged few (even though it may feel that way sometimes).

Everyone has the ability to generate more money than they can ever spend. Everyone. You and I included.

So what is stopping the HUGE percentage of people from doing so?

They did not grab their golden opportunity. Often, they don't even RECOGNISE it. Even when it's right in front of them.

My friend, this is what I'm trying to say:

Your golden opportunity is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU NOW. YOU'RE READING IT.

Just like the successful people I mentioned above. They read this as well.

Except... they saw their opportunity and made the choice to grab it.

So now, it's your turn. What will be your choice?

Will you ignore this opportunity... Let it pass by... And not know what you might have potentially missed out on...

Or will you make the same decision these successful people made?

The action is easy. Simply register for your seat by filling up the form below.

It's the decision that is hard. But I know you can do it.

I'll see you soon.


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