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Get Customers To Obey You Using These Unspoken 7 Psychological Triggers

Switch 1: Prestige Switch

You would motivated people by selling them that what you offer can elevate their status. They have a need to admired. Your product must help them see that if they use the product, they will be able to boast their social status

They don't want to feel like their Social status has been demoted. 

Switch 2: Believability Switch

Don't talk about how great we are. It's about how to help them feel that they can have the ability to get results.

Switch 3: Parity Switch

Acknowledging that there is Competition or other options for your prospective buyer in invest in.
So you must use Point of Differentiation....
Look and list down all the other possible options out there that they could choose over you
Go through their offers one by one....
Start noticing their loopholes..
Put yourself in a situation that if they are going to buy this, what is stopping them from buying..
"This sounds good and this good too but then this...." (This is the conversation you want to notice in your head)
Acknowledge how yours is different from the substitute out there...

Switch 4: Curiosity Switch

Innate need for completion. We cannot take it when information is in complete. 
We cannot deal with incomplete information.

Switch 5: Urgency Switch

It's the basic human need of not wanting to miss out!
It makes them feel "I can't afford to Miss this...

Switch 6: Edutainment Switch

Understand that it's not human being don't want more information, they don't want Boring information..
If you can position your product or services something that gives them entertaining education..they are going to consume..
I learn so much and had lots of fun...

Bring your personality to live, talk about your likes and dislikes.

Switch 7: Desirability Switch

Where you paint a future picture of how their life will look like with your product or services.
We have to paint a vivid picture in such minor details that when you're mentally reading it, your prospect should mentally see themselves in that picture. You put in sensory or visual phrases. 

Imagine waking up in the morning, putting your warm feet on warm wooden.
Use words and phrases that make me see myself in that picture.
Make the person live that picture.

If I don't buy this, my life will never be the same again

Switch 8: Relatability Switch

Can they relate to you? We like to see how people messed up! Share some not so perfect part of your life.