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Are You A Result Of Your Choices Or Circumstances

Are you the result of your choices or circumstances?

I grew up in a physically abusive home. I was frequently beaten up for my poor academic grades. Based on my circumstance, I should have been a timid person with low self-esteem. In fact, that was me in the beginning. In school, I was always a wallpaper. I did not want to be noticed because I was afraid of how others might think of me. Now I can speak in front of thousands of people almost effortlessly.

So how did I come this far?


For years, I acted as a victim of my situation, instead of taking responsibility to shape my future. I started to let what others say about me dictate what I said and saw about myself. I have now come to the realisation that every decision or choice I make is subtly shaping my future. J. K. Rowling was right when she said that your choices show far more who you truly are than your abilities or even circumstances. 

Scott Alan

Create The Life Your Really Want

" The ability to succeed and create the life you really want has always been a choice and not some random event. We are not just actors on a stage reading lines; we can write our lines as we go."

Imagine having a boss who is constantly picking on you. You have colleagues that constantly doubt your abilities to perform your job well so much that you are even start to distrust your own abilities. Now, you can choose to believe them, take the easy road and be a victim or you can trust yourself and leave the doubters to dust. Think about how you would respond to people who make you feel small. Why should you give up your power to them?

So now it comes down to one thing. Who or what defines you? Is it your education? Does that limit you? I used to think I would never amount to anything because I did not have a degree. Even that in itself, is a belief I choose to take on. Is that true that you are not smart enough to have a degree or become a successful entrepreneur? Is that really true, or did you just choose not to do the work? And just so you know, there are millions of ways to add to your abilities and they do not all come with huge or scary price to pay. Have you thought about seeking a mentor or applying for apprenticeship? Most of my mentors come in form of their books, biographies, blogs and youtube videos. Have you even explored your talents to find out where your aptitude lies?

I think it's important for all of us to be fully aware of our choices everyday. Had I taken on the victimised choices of my circumstances, I would not be where I am today. Start observing the choices you make. From the food that you eat, to the people you choose to surround yourself with, to the task you choose to do. Are you making choices that limit you or does it empower and nurture you. We spend most of our life at work (somewhere between 20 to 65) and only about 82% of people live till 65 years old, so make your everyday choices count and full of hopes.

What choices would you make if you focus on hopes? 
Have you made hope-based choices before and how did it turned out?

Leave me a comment below, I promise I read every single one of them and
share a few in a post we're working on next week.

Winston Yap

Winston Yap is a serial entrepreneur from Singapore. Having started his career with family debt. He raise himself from rock bottom to building multiple million dollar businesses. His online business expanded to 60 countries and generated over 60 Million USD in revenue. Now he spends most of his time with his 3 daughters and his beautiful wife while occasionally empowering other entrepreneurs so succeed.

How to become Ultra Productive by Segmenting Work

When you have limited time, you become clearer on what exactly you need to do everyday.

When you have this illusion that you have a lot of time, you become counter productive.

So you decide you're going to work on based on what you're launching.
You gotta be in a launching mode every month or every week because if not, you'll become complacent and productivity will go down.

And that is something you want to avoid.

You want to avoid suffering from the "Parkinson's Law"

Parkinson's Law was coined by Cyril Northcote Parkinson, a famous British historian and author, in 1955. He first appeared in an opening line in an article for The Economist and later went on to write, Parkinson's Law: The Pursuit of Progress.

The Definite of Parkinson's Law states that - work expands to fill the time available for it's completion - meaning if you give yourself a week to complete an hour task, then psychologically, the task will increase in complexity and become more daunting so as it fill it up the week.

You may not even fill the extra time with more work, instead just stress and tension about having to get it done.

By assigning the right amount of time to get to a task, we gain back more time and the task will reduce in complexity to its natural state.

If you were given a minute to complete the task, you would make it simple enough to complete it in a minute.

The law works because most people simply give more time for a given task than they should. People don't realized how fast a task can be completed until they test this principle.

What you want to do is to make a list of task, and divide them up by the amount of time it takes to complete them. Then give yourself half that time to complete each task. You have to make that time limit as crucial like any other dateline. See your datelines as unbreakable.

We have to beat the clock as if it were our opponent, without taking shot-cuts or produce low quality work.

This is one of hardest obstacle for people who are working for themselves because they don't know how much time to give themselves to complete a task.

So one way to get work done as an entrepreneur is not to break down your work by task but by activity instead.

You can do a activity calendar segmentation. 
So eg. if you are suppose to do research in 12pm-2pm, you would do all the research in those 2 hours.

And then another 2 hours could be writing social post or blogs.

So you sort them out by activities rather than by task.