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The Number 1 Mistake People In Jobs Make

First off, I have a confession to make...

When I was growing up, I hated going to school. Unlike most of you, learning was not fun for me. Not at all. I remember going home with my first elementary (in Singapore, it's called primary school) school report card and proudly showing to my Dad.

What came next was 10 strokes of the most excruciating pain of my life. (If you have never been caned before, and you had to choose thin or thick, I highly recommend you choose the thick one!)

And guess how much I scored? 90/100. Yes! I was flogged for missing 10 marks.

I grew up hating my father, because I was always getting caned for falling short of his expectations. 

He kept telling me that if I did not do well in school, I would end up working as a rubbish cleaner or toilet cleaner.

This is what many uneducated parents tell their kids in the past to create fear so they would study hard.

Looking back, I have come to realized that it was out of his good intentions because life was hard in the previous generations and opportunities to study was a privilege as oppose to a norm today.

He said if I did well in my studies, I would be able to get a good stable job because he only had primary 2 education. (Yet he had some good success running his own business)

Fast forward 33 Years later, I'm glad I took the path less traveled. I did not pursue a stable job. Why? Because my father made studying so punishing that I practically lost interest in studying and failed most of my subjects throughout my academic life.

I always joke that I have a PHD! (Polytechnic Half-way Dropout!)

If I couldn't get a good job then perhaps my ONLY path was entrepreneurship.

Thank God I took the path less travelled because here is what's happening out there in the JOB world.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad coined the term JOB (Just Over Broke). At first it kinda felt insulting but if you look at what's happening in the world today, a stable job for life is a really a Myth.

But are you ready for change?

Although our Singapore government says that our current re-employment age is 67, but the real truth is once you're over 50, it is very challenging to get a job once you lose your job at 50.

According to Channel News Asia, unemployment in Singapore has gone down. However, the unemployment for 50 and over has Gone Up for 4 consecutive quarters and is still increasing.

And here are the reasons given:

  1. "....older workers is that their compensation packages may be higher than for younger workers with less experience, which may play a role when companies are trying to cut costs..."
  2. "...perceptions by companies that older workers may have outdated technical skills and may be less adaptable to switching to new roles within their company.."
  3. "..Businesses may hold the view that even if these younger workers are “not exactly the right fit, maybe I can train them..(at a lower cost)”
  4. “But if you hire somebody who’s 40 to 50 years old (with) significant management experience … what if he can’t do his job? It’s going to be a total disaster..."

And according to TodayOnline​...

"...just four(increasing) in 10 laid-off residents aged 50 and above re-entered the workforce within six months, compared with more than six in 10 (61.2 per cent) among those below 30.

This means there is a “significant chance” middle-aged white-collar workers, who are far more specialised than their younger counterparts, would not return to work at a level commensurate with their previous positions, said Dr Theseira....."

"Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say said as much about a week ago when he weighed in on the MOM report. “My main concern is for those unemployed — the longer they stay unemployed, the harder for them to come back because the market keeps changing, technology keeps changing, the workplace keeps changing,” he said."

The KEY to take note is to think like a Boss or an Employer.

With technology ever changing and as more work can be done over the computer, it would certainly be cheaper to hire someone younger who is more adaptable to the latest changes.

China has been eliminating millions of jobs because of automation via artificial intelligence. Although, new jobs would be created, it would be new "lesser jobs".

Business owners would do that for profitability sake (Which is the reason business exists in the first place).

In my business, I have outsource many of my task online to younger and cheaper people based overseas with lower standard of living. They work harder because, for many of them, having a job is a privilege.

And if you think that you're highly trained, you should read this Straits Time Article "Highly trained, middle-aged and out of work!"

The World has Changed, Have You?

The number 1 mistake people make in Jobs, is "Relying ONLY on Jobs for Long Term Stable Income." 

So what should you do?

You must have a PLAN B. Perhaps starting a part time business.

One way is to NOW start future proofing yourself by learning how to start your own profitable eCommerce Business.

The info is out there, just use Google!

About The Author:

Winston Yap is a serial entrepreneur from Singapore. Having started his career with family debt. He raise himself from rock bottom to building multiple million dollar businesses. His online business expanded to 60 countries and generated over 60 Million USD in revenue. Now he spends most of his time with his 3 daughters and his beautiful wife while occasionally empowering other entrepreneurs to succeed.



Are You A Result Of Your Choices Or Circumstances

Are you the result of your choices or circumstances?

I grew up in a physically abusive home. I was frequently beaten up for my poor academic grades. Based on my circumstance, I should have been a timid person with low self-esteem. In fact, that was me in the beginning. In school, I was always a wallpaper. I did not want to be noticed because I was afraid of how others might think of me. Now I can speak in front of thousands of people almost effortlessly.

So how did I come this far?

For years, I acted as a victim of my situation, instead of taking responsibility to shape my future. I started to let what others say about me dictate what I said and saw about myself. I have now come to the realisation that every decision or choice I make is subtly shaping my future. J. K. Rowling was right when she said that your choices show far more who you truly are than your abilities or even circumstances. 

Scott Alan

Create The Life Your Really Want

" The ability to succeed and create the life you really want has always been a choice and not some random event. We are not just actors on a stage reading lines; we can write our lines as we go."

Imagine having a boss who is constantly picking on you. You have colleagues that constantly doubt your abilities to perform your job well so much that you are even start to distrust your own abilities. Now, you can choose to believe them, take the easy road and be a victim or you can trust yourself and leave the doubters to dust. Think about how you would respond to people who make you feel small. Why should you give up your power to them?

So now it comes down to one thing. Who or what defines you? Is it your education? Does that limit you? I used to think I would never amount to anything because I did not have a degree. Even that in itself, is a belief I choose to take on. Is that true that you are not smart enough to have a degree or become a successful entrepreneur? Is that really true, or did you just choose not to do the work? And just so you know, there are millions of ways to add to your abilities and they do not all come with huge or scary price to pay. Have you thought about seeking a mentor or applying for apprenticeship? Most of my mentors come in form of their books, biographies, blogs and youtube videos. Have you even explored your talents to find out where your aptitude lies?

I think it's important for all of us to be fully aware of our choices everyday. Had I taken on the victimised choices of my circumstances, I would not be where I am today. Start observing the choices you make. From the food that you eat, to the people you choose to surround yourself with, to the task you choose to do. Are you making choices that limit you or does it empower and nurture you. We spend most of our life at work (somewhere between 20 to 65) and only about 82% of people live till 65 years old, so make your everyday choices count and full of hopes.

What choices would you make if you focus on hopes? 
Have you made hope-based choices before and how did it turned out?

Leave me a comment below, I promise I read every single one of them and
share a few in a post we're working on next week.

Winston Yap

Winston Yap is a serial entrepreneur from Singapore. Having started his career with family debt. He raise himself from rock bottom to building multiple million dollar businesses. His online business expanded to 60 countries and generated over 60 Million USD in revenue. Now he spends most of his time with his 3 daughters and his beautiful wife while occasionally empowering other entrepreneurs so succeed.

What Are We Really Chasing After?

Throughout my growing up years, my father has always been the anchor in our family. He was always the go to person for any advice He seems to have it all together. He had 2 Harley Davidson bikes that the customisation cost more than the bikes themselves, and he had a few nice cars too.

At the peak of his business, he seems to have it all together. Despite that, he always never seem to be happy.

I would often see him come home drunk and in a bad temper. And I often wonder if he really did become successful. 

Many years later, I find myself wanting to live the good life that my dad once had. I wanted a multi-million dollar home, a nice car etc. However, I then realise it still did not satisfy me. It was there and then that a new revelation hit me.

Why did I set all these things as my goals in life?

I wanted to become a millionaire entrepreneur because I wanted the feeling that my Dad approved and was proud of me.
I wanted to have a nice car because I felt that would make me feel accomplished.
I want a nice house for the same reason.

However, after going through all the trails and challenges to get there, I realise that my emotions only lasted for awhile and I was back to chasing the next goal.

It was then that I realised what I wanted was not those things but the emotions and feelings I think those things could give me. Feelings of being loved, validated and accomplished. We want more money so that it gives us the feelings of security, accomplishment or even power.

However, it is an illusion that these things would satisfy us. You will realise that the emotions we get from these things are actually fleeting. Can we actually achieve or nurture these emotions within us whether we get these things or not?

Can we nurture ourselves to feel secure, to feel loved, to feel accomplished. Can we trust God to feel secure, to feel loved, to feel accomplished? Can we serve others to make them feel loved and accomplished?

The Revealing Truth On Why Are You Always Not Happy

From my life experience and interviewing many people who seem to be having it all, I discovered these gems

1. Whatever objection or challenges you are facing now, it's happening for you!

All the heartaches, breakups, breakdowns, messed up and every other challenges you faced in the past, present and future are actually guiding you towards what you want in life, your purpose. Only as you see this can you truly start feeling that your life matters and you're actually moving towards your purpose in life.

Stop asking yourself "Why Did This Happen To Me?" and instead ask "What's The Lesson Here FOR ME!",  you'll start to move closer towards your purpose quickly. You will feel more fulfilled and happy.

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds:
Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and
you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.
Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and
you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”

2. You don't have to sacrifice happiness, family, health, finances to pursue your purpose

Many people think that in order to pursue their purpose, it will cost them financial or time sacrifices away from their loved ones. That is simply not true.  This is a common mistake people make when they start to want to pursue their purpose because the only way you can reference why you feel this way is from your past experiences. And if you have tried and it did not work out or you feel stuck and because of that, you arrive at this current conclusion, I want you to consider the next

3. Taking real action towards your purpose and fail does not mean it's not within your control

On the contrary, when you feel that it's caused by things outside of your control, you're giving away your power away and it disempowers you.
This is a dangerous illusion. The reason is to consider asking yourself this? Were you busy for the sake of being busy or were you making real measurable progress? Because...

4. Doing lots of work and acting busy does not equate to progress towards your purpose or goals

The truth is many of us are busy all the time without really accomplishing anything because how most of us people ourselves busy is to just keep doing the same thing over and over again. We keep repeating the same pattern because it feels safe and does require us to change or courage.

We view change as pain but we fail to realise that the only constant in life is "change" and progress means "change". 

This is the REAL KICKER why most of us feel like we are doing a lot yet we're not moving forward.

5. How to get unstuck or know where to start?

To do that, you have to view challenges and setbacks as feedback FOR YOU to progress. Just like how Dolphin sends out sonar signals first to get feedback so they can know where they are relative to where they want to be.

6. Why hitting your goal or purpose will not give you the magical ultimate happiness

Many people feel like that need a breakthough like it's the FINAL GOAL. They get into this "If Only I Manage to Make a million, If Only I had this girl or guy, My life Would literally be transformed and I would feel eternally happy!" This is so not true because we have all already been through it. We all have had experiences where we finally got what we wanted (sometimes after going through lots of hardship physically and emotionally) only to feel our happiness "short-lived" or get stolen away from us again. And then we're back to chasing the next goal to feel happy meaning life is back to the same cycle.

The Ah Ha moment will not bring you happiness and fulfilment, instead I want you to consider that once you find and know your purpose, abundance will start to follow. Here's why. Your purpose is not some nice idea or fantasy about what your life could be like, your purpose is uniquely to yours and yours only. Consider that everything that Life/God ever created has it purpose, just look around you. Surely you're created for a purpose and that's why God or Life will support you. And because you believe that, you rest in faith the you will be supported and that means no lacking and only abundance.

Like the plants, it does not need to think about when they will get rain, they just trust that abundance of rain and nutrients will be given to them. Trust that we will be supported and most often in ways that we least expected. You can see it if you look back at your life. 

7. Change your approach when things are not working out (Remember to feedback Sonar from the Dophins)

Unhappy people feel that when they go on the wrong course, they feel it is easier to blame themselves instead making changes.
Albert Einstein said it best "Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" 
Happy people actually learn to quickly change and adapt.

8. Get Started even if you're not sure what the right thing is

Just like the Dolphin Sonar, you the action you take connects you and your goal.  You get feedback to know if you're in the right direction. Many people give the excuse that they don't know where to begin when actually they are saying that they are afraid to begin.

You don't have to have or know everything because successful people know that they as long as they take action, God or Life will always answer back with feedback that will guide them closer by just starting from where they are with what they have. They don't worry about where is there a right place to start because there is no perfect place to start. They simple just focus on doing the next thing in front of them, monitoring the feedback and trusting each step will unfold in perfect time and order. That's why you can now overcome the fear of starting in an imperfect place.

9. Every Goal / Purpose or "Ah Ha" Achieved is only a starting point to do the real work

Discovering what you need to do next is only the beginning and they support it with their thoughts and actions to keep the momentum going.  Tony Robbins once said "Never leave the scene of breakthrough without making a committed decision first so be kind to yourself and embrace every feedback, learn from it, you grow and move closer to your purpose.

How to become Ultra Productive by Segmenting Work

When you have limited time, you become clearer on what exactly you need to do everyday.

When you have this illusion that you have a lot of time, you become counter productive.

So you decide you're going to work on based on what you're launching.
You gotta be in a launching mode every month or every week because if not, you'll become complacent and productivity will go down.

And that is something you want to avoid.

You want to avoid suffering from the "Parkinson's Law"

Parkinson's Law was coined by Cyril Northcote Parkinson, a famous British historian and author, in 1955. He first appeared in an opening line in an article for The Economist and later went on to write, Parkinson's Law: The Pursuit of Progress.

The Definite of Parkinson's Law states that - work expands to fill the time available for it's completion - meaning if you give yourself a week to complete an hour task, then psychologically, the task will increase in complexity and become more daunting so as it fill it up the week.

You may not even fill the extra time with more work, instead just stress and tension about having to get it done.

By assigning the right amount of time to get to a task, we gain back more time and the task will reduce in complexity to its natural state.

If you were given a minute to complete the task, you would make it simple enough to complete it in a minute.

The law works because most people simply give more time for a given task than they should. People don't realized how fast a task can be completed until they test this principle.

What you want to do is to make a list of task, and divide them up by the amount of time it takes to complete them. Then give yourself half that time to complete each task. You have to make that time limit as crucial like any other dateline. See your datelines as unbreakable.

We have to beat the clock as if it were our opponent, without taking shot-cuts or produce low quality work.

This is one of hardest obstacle for people who are working for themselves because they don't know how much time to give themselves to complete a task.

So one way to get work done as an entrepreneur is not to break down your work by task but by activity instead.

You can do a activity calendar segmentation. 
So eg. if you are suppose to do research in 12pm-2pm, you would do all the research in those 2 hours.

And then another 2 hours could be writing social post or blogs.

So you sort them out by activities rather than by task.

Discover a Triple sure-fire Goal Setting Method that NEVER fails

Give Yourself a dateline and set 3 kinds of goals.

Regular Goal
A Stretch Goal
A Minimum Goal

If you set just 1 goal and if you don't meet it, you will feel like a failure...
So if you hit at least a minimum goal, you know your ideas are validated or you're correct

Adjust your effort based on which goal you've met.
So if you hit the minimum goal, you stop killing yourself.

If you meet the regular goal, you can scale back a little...

Your stretch goal, just let God or Universe take care of it!

But try to do a quarterly goal as it's much easier.
Every 3 months or 90 days is a good goal that is still within your control

The Max that you can set a goal is perhaps 2 years.

Don't be bothered by failure if you've given it your all.
You can fail a lot a not labelled it a failure.

You just have to know in your head that if you had done something, you would have it your all.

So if you feel you're not rich or you're not in good physical shape, just tell yourself that it's not failure, it's just that you have not decided to give your all for it yet. 

Because if you do, you will give it your all.

Don't label yourself or situation wrongly.

Get Customers To Obey You Using These Unspoken 7 Psychological Triggers

Switch 1: Prestige Switch

You would motivated people by selling them that what you offer can elevate their status. They have a need to admired. Your product must help them see that if they use the product, they will be able to boast their social status

They don't want to feel like their Social status has been demoted. 

Switch 2: Believability Switch

Don't talk about how great we are. It's about how to help them feel that they can have the ability to get results.

Switch 3: Parity Switch

Acknowledging that there is Competition or other options for your prospective buyer in invest in.
So you must use Point of Differentiation....
Look and list down all the other possible options out there that they could choose over you
Go through their offers one by one....
Start noticing their loopholes..
Put yourself in a situation that if they are going to buy this, what is stopping them from buying..
"This sounds good and this good too but then this...." (This is the conversation you want to notice in your head)
Acknowledge how yours is different from the substitute out there...

Switch 4: Curiosity Switch

Innate need for completion. We cannot take it when information is in complete. 
We cannot deal with incomplete information.

Switch 5: Urgency Switch

It's the basic human need of not wanting to miss out!
It makes them feel "I can't afford to Miss this...

Switch 6: Edutainment Switch

Understand that it's not human being don't want more information, they don't want Boring information..
If you can position your product or services something that gives them entertaining education..they are going to consume..
I learn so much and had lots of fun...

Bring your personality to live, talk about your likes and dislikes.

Switch 7: Desirability Switch

Where you paint a future picture of how their life will look like with your product or services.
We have to paint a vivid picture in such minor details that when you're mentally reading it, your prospect should mentally see themselves in that picture. You put in sensory or visual phrases. 

Imagine waking up in the morning, putting your warm feet on warm wooden.
Use words and phrases that make me see myself in that picture.
Make the person live that picture.

If I don't buy this, my life will never be the same again

Switch 8: Relatability Switch

Can they relate to you? We like to see how people messed up! Share some not so perfect part of your life.